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Vector illustration of speech bubbles“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” ~Albert Einstein

How many people go through school thinking they are thick because for some reason academic knowledge is something they can’t quite digest? Certainly not in the way it is presented to them anyway. They just don’t quite connect with the academic material being projected in their direction and they feel it is somehow their fault. And yet many of these people will have a creative imagination that is rarely valued and even more rarely exploited. In reality we all have something to offer and we all learn in different ways. If only we could value people for what they are instead of ignoring them for what they aren’t. Not everyone can fit the academic model of intelligence so valued by teachers in the formal education system. That doesn’t mean that people who don’t fit the academic model, don’t have something special to offer. Often they do but all too often it is written off and they are written off too. It all seems to add up to a waste of a lot of natural talent. How sad.   

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