Quote of the Day

Vector illustration of speech bubbles“You’ll be as happy as you’re willing to be.” ~Roy Sutton

People often seem to think that being happy depends on circumstances. If only I had a bit more money I’d be happy. If only I had a new car I’d be happy. If only I had a boyfriend or a girlfriend I’d be happy. Quite simply this is not true. Whether you’re happy or not will depend on your outlook on life. If you’re willing to accept what you have and not fret about anything that you don’t have then you can be happy. Happiness is a state of mind. Look at the world positively and enjoy simple pleasures. It’s not about money and possessions. It’s all about a willingness to enjoy the moment wherever you are and whatever it involves. You can choose to be happy, if you choose to enjoy life for what it is. Your life may not be perfect but then there is no such thing as a perfect life.   

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