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Vector illustration of speech bubblesOne test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child. ~Maria Montessori

How often do you see parents trying to drive their children beyond their natural ability? Setting those children on a treadmill of expectations they can never hope to meet. Clearly it is important to set the bar high enough to stretch children a little. However that bar should never be too high. Not if you want them to be happy anyway. In my experience, children will find their own level given time and regular encouragement and support. I think good parents simply want to ensure that their children grow into rounded and well-adjusted adults who have what it takes to lead lives which are happy and fulfilled. Children were not put on this earth simply to provide pushy parents with bragging rights over all the other parents in the neighbourhood. Children will be the adults of tomorrow and the last thing they need is deep-rooted insecurities which result from constantly failing to live up to their parents’ unrealistic expectations. Pushing too hard will cause more harm than good. There is a world of difference between gentle encouragement and an unrealistic obsession. The first is good parenting; the second is a form of cruelty in my opinion.

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