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Vector illustration of speech bubbles“You create true wealth by the good you do in this world.” ~Roy Sutton

Money is important and it can make your life comfortable. However it can make you too comfortable and that can make you very soft. A life spent shopping would be shallow indeed and you’re unlikely to find it satisfactory in the long term. I would be surprised if anyone looked back on their life and said, “Didn’t we have a great time shopping?” Do something good for other people and you will look back on it with pride. You will have left a legacy and you will be remembered for that legacy. The more you do for others, the greater your legacy will be. Don’t squander your God-given talents on pointless rounds of shopping and hedonism. It might give you a quick buzz in the short-term but it’s hardly something you will look back on with pride. Go on, go out there and make a real difference to the lives of other people.

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