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Vector illustration of speech bubbles“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” ~Benjamin Franklin

The lessons you learn in the University of Life are invaluable of course. However never underestimate the importance of learning knowledge and skills. A college education is an investment in you. What you learn and the skills you develop will allow you to earn an income. The more skills you have and the more unique those skills are the more you can earn potentially. The economics of supply and demand in relation to the skills you have will dictate what you can earn. So identify skills which are in demand but in short supply and then go out and get them. If you have skills that people need you will always have work and an income. However remember this; skills which are in demand today won’t necessarily be in demand tomorrow. So you must update your skills constantly. You can never switch off. You must constantly think, “What do people need? How can I make sure I can offer the skills people need?” Think of yourself as a product. Any product must be the solution to a customer’s problem, otherwise why would they buy it? You need to be the solution to someone’s problem. So invest in you, constantly.

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