Making Dreams Happen

live your dream in wood typeHaving a vision for your life is not just about what you want to achieve now and in the future. It also involves having some notion of what you’d like to leave behind when you’re gone; your legacy. How will you touch peoples’ lives in a positive way and how will the world be a better place for you having passed through it? If you can identify what you want your legacy to be then that will focus your attention on what you need to be doing to achieve it.

Exploring what you’d like to leave behind involves more than just your priorities. It means you have to consider what matters most to you. In short; what are your values? If you can connect with your highest values then this can have a powerful effect on the way you behave. Behave in the right way and you can make your dreams happen. There will always be a price to pay, of course, but the result will be a life worth living.

So how do you start living your dreams? Well for a start you need to move from being a dreamer to making it actual and real. People assume that they must have everything fully aligned and perfect before they can begin to turn dreams into reality. However if you’re waiting for the perfect set of circumstances then you will never be able to move closer to making your dream happen. Things never just happen. They are made to happen. If you’re sitting waiting to discover your life’s purpose then you’re likely to be waiting a long time. Your have to get out there and start having some experiences.

Identifying your life’s purpose requires an iterative process of trial and error. Essentially you try something and either it works or it doesn’t but you learn and through a series of incremental changes you begin to move in a direction which is appropriate for you. As long as you’re heading in that direction then you’re almost certainly going to reinforce what works for you. If it works for you, you’ll be good at it. And if you’re good at it you’ll do it well and that will boost your confidence, particularly as people begin to notice that you are good at it.

Having a dream can seem overwhelming, of course. You have this big picture in your mind’s eye but how do you achieve it? If the size of your dream seems too great, where do you begin? Well no matter how big the dream, you deal with it the same way you’d eat an elephant; one bite at a time. Find a way to make it manageable by chunking it down into bite-sized pieces. If you need help, find a role model. Plenty of people make their dreams happen. So look for someone who consistently turns vision into action and try to copy what they do. If their approach works for them then there’s a good chance it will work for you too.

Your dreams must be consistent with what really matters to you in your life. However be careful. Don’t use dreaming as a way of avoiding taking action. At some point you have to get started. You can’t get to your destination without beginning your journey and your journey doesn’t start until you’ve taken the first step. And remember; being busy is not the same as being productive. Sometimes people will get busy with all the wrong things as a distraction from doing the things they really should be focused on. It’s essential you know what really matters to you, so you’ll know where to focus your energy. You need to have things formulated in your mind. What is it? How will it be achieved? What resources will it require? And so on.

The secret is in the power of incremental change. You are the captain of your own ship and making small adjustments to your course when and where necessary will steer your ship in the right direction. If you keep moving in the right direction, then you will get there in time. It may take longer than you’d prefer; and it may not be as dramatic as you’d want. However you will get there eventually. That will require perseverance on your part and you must never, ever give up. If you want it badly enough, it can be yours in the end.

Can you persevere? Many people can’t and sadly they give up far too easily. Often people give up just as they’re on the verge of success. Hang on in there until you’ve seen it all through to the bitter end. Turn vision into action and your dreams can come true. That is the remarkable truth. When you make one dream come true, then you know you can do it again and that changes the experience of being alive. Dream, action, and reality; one follows the other and you create a virtuous circle. Making one dream happen leads you to dream bigger dreams. You can achieve so much and that will lead you to leaving a valuable legacy.

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