Life’s Only Disability: Letter to the Baltimore Ravens

Have you experienced a lot of adversity in your life? Maybe you’re feeling a little bit sorry for yourself? Life hasn’t been fair to you? So you feel you’re entitled to have a bad attitude? Well if you’re trying to get people on your side with a negative attitude then think again. No one will be joining you at the pity party. If there is one genuine disability in life it’s a bad attitude. Negativity never impresses anyone.

Life isn’t fair. If never has been and it never will be. Life doesn’t care about what we want. It doesn’t care about any sense of entitlement we may have either. Nor does life care that we feel that we should have a bigger piece of the pie.

Life is what we make it. Nothing happens by accident, unless we’re very, very lucky. And no one is that lucky consistently.

Life is our attitude. Life is how we respond to everything that happens to us. No matter how tough life gets, a positive attitude will take us further than a negative one ever will. A positive attitude is the most powerful response to life’s misfortunes. It says, you can knock me down but you won’t keep me down. And that does impress people. Life responds positively to those with a positive attitude. A positive attitude will always get people on your side.

In the video included with this post, Matthew Jeffers, a senior acting major at Towson University in Maryland, provides us all with an inspiring message with the letter he wrote to the Baltimore Ravens, his favourite NFL team.

The letter was entitled “A Reason to Win” and it’s all the more impressive when considered against Matthew’s own struggles with Skeletal Dysplasia.

The ultimate lesson is that life’s not going to cut you any slack just because you’re feeling sorry for yourself. Attitude is everything. If you believe you can, you will; if you believe you can’t, you won’t. It’s that simple.

Many people experience very tough lives and however hard your life may be there will be plenty of people out there whose lives are far tougher than yours. Many people experience disabilities of varying degrees of severity but actually, as Matthew Jeffers observes, the only real disability in life is a bad attitude.

So if you’re feel a bit chippy right now, take a good hard look at yourself and think about the positives you have in your life, rather than constantly focusing on the negatives.

This video will inspire you so take a look at it now.

Further Reading:

Now you might feel that in order to improve your attitude you could use a little extra help. Well if that’s the case you might be keen to add a reference book or two to your own personal development library. That’s a great idea and three you might consider are as follows:-

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Get Off Your Attitude: Change Your Attitude. Change Your Life by Ryan C. Lowe

Attitude for Life: How to Achieve Success and Happiness by Changing The Way You Think by Kristen Bishop

These are all good books and well worth considering. If you’d like to check them out then all you have to do is click on the individual links now.

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