Keep an open mind

Fotolia_56297505_XS_4As I get older people are forever reminding me that my opinion on a given subject has changed. I used to hold one view but now I hold another. The implication being that I flip-flop on issues or that I’m fickle perhaps. However I don’t agree with this view; not at the moment anyway. The idea of a change of mind to me suggests that something is now seen in a different way. Perhaps I have a better understanding of some idea or concept than I thought I had before. This would be natural as my knowledge and experience of life grows. Maybe in searching for an answer I now have a new perspective on something. Perhaps that new perspective is more appropriate than the old one. The underlying point here is that sometimes we think we know the answer when in reality we are still struggling to understand the question. Keep an open mind and look at things from every angle before you draw any conclusions. The harder you look at something the more likely you are to see the real answer submerged within all the camouflage. Like one of those computer drawn posters containing an image hidden within.

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