Jargon in Business

Jargon has always been common in every profession. However modern business takes jargon to another level completely. What I’m talking about here is business gobbledegook or corporate nonsense. Fashionable words, phrases and clichés that are used liberally but have no real meaning and fail to communicate anything worth hearing. We’ve all heard them and, if we’re honest, we ‘ve all used them at least occasionally. This video pokes fun at this corporate nonsense. It made me smile and I hope it will make you smile too. And remember, next time you’re about to sprinkle any of this jargon into your conversation, you’ll sound just like the people in this video. That’s not a good thing I’m sure you’ll agree.

If you’re ambitious and keen to climb the corporate ladder you might feel the need to learn more of this management speak. If so, you might take a look at The Little Book Of Management Bollocks which can be purchased from Amazon here. Again it was a source of amusement for me. Buy it now.

Curators: Roy J Sutton and Mann Island Media Limited. 2017

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