I really hate my job

Do you hate your job? Do you tell everyone, at every opportunity that you hate your job? By telling everyone you hate your job, do you imagine they’ll be impressed? Maybe you think that people will regard you as someone who’s unafraid to say what they feel? Consequently in the eyes of others you’ll look good? Right? If this is the way you’re thinking then think again.

Most people will just see you as a moaner. They may not say so but they’re unlikely to be comfortable with your negativity. Life is hard enough for most people. Hence having some moaning Minnie constantly bringing us down really doesn’t improve anything.

Now imagine your life without your job? As a result you’d have nothing to do; nowhere to go; nothing to challenge you; no money; and you’d be without the camaraderie of your workmates. Now how does that make you feel? Maybe you feel much better? I think not because the best way to begin appreciating your job is to imagine your life without it.

Most jobs come with an element of frustration and a spoonful of tedium. That’s life. However no job is all bad. It’s just a matter of how you look at things. If you focus on the bad then everything will seem bad. However if you focus on the good bits then things can begin to look very different.

The fact is we all need to do something with our time. Even millionaires need to have something to fill their time. There are only so many holidays you can take and so much shopping you can do. Eventually we all want to feel that we’re making a genuine contribution to the world around us.

Life’s too short to be unhappy. So if you hate your job then you have two choices.  Either you find another job or you start looking differently at the one you have now. And before you start searching the vacancy columns or the job websites, think carefully about what you might be throwing away. Moving to another job doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be any happier. Neither will it guarantee that you’ll find the perfect job for you. So it’s worth thinking seriously about your current job first.

The question is, how do you begin to look at your current job differently? Perhaps you need a little help?

Well here’s a great motivational speech from Zig Ziglar that you might find very useful. It’s full of great advice and well worth a few minutes of your time.

If you don’t like your job, watch it. Even if you do like your job, watch it. I found it truly inspirational. Take a look at it now.

Further Listening:

The late, great Zig Ziglar had an evangelical style that was not to everyone’s taste, I know. However I admire him and I’ve always found his work inspirational, useful and informative. I particularly like his audiobooks which I listen to constantly when I’m driving.

One audiobook I can recommend is The Born to Win Seminar which will help you discover your untapped greatness and guide you towards greater success in life. It’s well worth the price, I bought my own copy for my personal library and you can check it out if you just CLICK HERE.

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