Humanity and the power of vulnerability

Are you fascinated by the human condition? Are you interested in understanding more about how we connect with our fellow human beings? The more we understand about humanity the better equipped we’ll be to deal with all the people we must interact with each and every day.

If humanity is a topic of interest to you then the video included with this post may be useful to you. It’s from TEDxHouston, and it features Ms Brené Brown. In it Ms Brown shares a deep insight from her research and her personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity.

The video is witty and poignant. If you’ve got a few minutes then it is worth watching. I can recommend it to you.

If the video has whetted your appetite to hear more about what Brené Brown has to say then her work is available as an Audiobook. To check it out just CLICK HERE

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