How to be happy in life

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How to be happy in life is a question frequently asked. If you’re going to be happy then one thing you need is a sense of purpose. Your work takes up one third of your life so it’s essential that you’re happy doing whatever you do. If the question on your mind is how to be happy in life then to find the answer it’s worth reflecting on your work and thinking about whether it’s right for you.

Does your work make you happy? Do you believe your contribution to your job is something which only you can supply? Would you say your work is aligned with your natural talents? Certainly if your job is a mismatch with their natural talents then you’re not going to be very happy.

Spending your life doing something you don’t enjoy is such a waste. You have so much natural talent that could be put to better use. Yes, it’s true every job has its chores. Things you have to do which you hate but accept as part of the job. No job is perfect. However tedium should be a small part of the whole work experience. To feel happy and fulfilled doing the work you do means you should enjoy at least 80% of your daily activity.

What happens if the job you do and your talents are mismatched? Human beings of course are flexible and adaptable. So even in the worst job situations people survive but at what cost to themselves? The further you are from applying your natural talents and abilities, the less likely it is that you will enjoy your work. And the less likely you are to be happy in life.

If you’re not happy then it’s difficult to make a genuine contribution to life and the lives of other people. And this matters, particularly for those people who are your loved ones.

If your loved ones have to deal with someone who is doing a job they don’t enjoy then it can make their lives miserable too. In fact it can be no pleasure for anyone around you.

If you derive no pleasure from your work then life just becomes a grind. Also it becomes stressful which is not good for your health.

The best and least stressful way to earn a living is by pursuing your interests and something which you both enjoy and is compatible with your natural talents. This is how to be happy in life.

If society encouraged people to pursue their interests and work to their strengths then we would not only be happier but we would become more productive.

And of course productive lives are happy lives too. We would all benefit and society would reap benefits too.

So think about your natural talents and how you can best apply them. Be happy in what you do and if you have yet to find work that makes you happy, keep looking.

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