Find your passion

find your passion phraseHow lucky are those who find something in their life with which they truly feel a sense of connection. It may be painting or writing or playing a musical instrument. It may be computers or fast cars. Whatever it is, it is that special something which for those people is both interesting and absorbing. It becomes so important to them that it would be their hobby if they couldn’t make a living at it. Because they love it so much, it’s not work at all, for them it’s a pleasure. It’s what they feel passion for and instinctively they know it’s what they’re good at. Because they love it, they practise. Because they practise they hone their skills and they get better at it. This creates a virtuous circle. Constant practise helps them excel and reach the very top of their game. Sadly for most people, that special something is something they never find. However, if you have yet to find that special something, never stop looking. One day you might just find it and it’s never too late for you to become the person you really could be.

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