Developing the art of successful selling

Real Estate Agent Holding Sold SignIf you want to sell successfully then you need to know your product and you need to really believe in your product too. It has to be something that you would buy yourself. You need to know the product in detail, all the features and the benefits; the advantages and the disadvantages.

Then you need to know all about your competitors’ products that your customers could buy as an alternative to your own. This is important if you are to position your product against that of the competition and to counter any arguments your customers may present you with during the sales process. You need to be able to talk about your product favourably relative to the alternatives.

Then you must have an understanding of the customer’s needs. Every product must be the solution to a problem for the customer. Otherwise why would they buy? So you have to identify ways in which your product will satisfy the customer’s needs.

Once you have mastered all of this, you then need to ensure that your customers and potential customers have visibility of your product. You must raise awareness of the product, as well the features and benefits and the value it offers.

Get the customer interested and then gently apply pressure to close the sale.

Don’t push too hard though because you don’t want to leave customers feeling they’ve been sold something they don’t need. That’s dangerous because dissatisfied customers are likely to tell a lot of people about a bad experience. And bad publicity can hurt your business.

However remember this; if it’s your job to sell then you’ve really got to sell. If you don’t, you’ve failed. Simple! The result of that would be you losing your job. No company can afford the luxury of having people on the payroll who don’t deliver the results for which they are paid. And we are all paid to deliver results.

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