Daily Money Minute

Fotolia_54867638_XS_7“I don’t give 10% just to have my plate brought to me – it’s money that should be worked for.” ~Mark Ramprakash

The cricketer Mark Ramprakash made this comment originally in the British newspaper The Sunday Telegraph. Apparently he was explaining why he was a stingy tipper. He makes an important point. People will often leave a tip in a restaurant in the belief that it is expected on them. Essentially that is true I suppose. However a tip or gratuity should be a reward for good service. If you’re in a restaurant and the level of service is poor then you have to ask yourself whether the staff are deserving of a tip. In suggesting he is stingy, I think Mark Ramprakash is being hard on himself. In my opinion his approach is quite reasonable. Good service or no tip.

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