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Fotolia_54867638_XS_7“If you’re in the sh** don’t moan about it, do something about it.” ~George Harrison.

I admire of people who are industrious and innovative. Some people will complain about their circumstances if they are unemployed. They’ll tell you that life’s unfair or that it’s the government’s fault and that someone somewhere should do something about it. However the only person you can rely on to change your circumstances is you. There are many people who know this of course and these are the people who will go out and create their own opportunities. A good example of this type of person is Donna Docherty. Apparently she lost her job last summer but she didn’t complain. She went out and created the company Hangover Delivery Angels instead. Essentially she spotted a gap in the market. Ms Docherty realized that when people are feeling a bit fragile after a heavy night they don’t feel like leaving the house the morning after the night before. So if going out for those essentials is a problem for them, then Hangover Delivery Angels will deliver whatever they need right to their door. Whether it is paracetamol, a Big Mac, a cooked meal or whatever Hangover Delivery Angels will bring it to you in return for a modest delivery fee. During the holiday season it seems that business has been brisk for Hanover Delivery Angels. So much so that, according to MoneyWeek, Ms Docherty is looking to expand her business. You have to admire people like Donna Docherty. Not only has she created an employment solution for herself. In time no doubt she will create work for other people too. She deserves to succeed. Good luck Donna. The world needs more people like you.

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