Daily Money Minute

Fotolia_54867638_XS_7“I moved to Los Angeles, and I started getting pilots and working pretty regularly. I still didn’t make any decent money until I got on Friends.” ~Jennifer Aniston

You’ve got a dream and now you’re starting to make some progress towards doing the work you’d really like to do. If you follow your passion then money will follow you surely? Well, maybe; but don’t expect instant riches. It doesn’t work that way. Put your heart and soul into your work and do it well. Get some experience and hone your skills as you go. Get to know the business you’re in and get some idea about the things that work in your business and the things that don’t work. As you hone your craft you’ll get better at what you do. Eventually if you’re good someone will notice. When that happens, you’ll be propelled to another level. Your services will be in demand and at that point you’ll start to make serious money. Unless you’re lucky enough to win the lottery, instant riches aren’t going to happen for you or anyone else. Nothing worth having comes easy. You’ve got to work hard for it. It can be done but it requires effort and patience. Be patient but never, ever give up. If you really want it, just go for it.

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