Daily Money Minute

Fotolia_54867638_XS_7I got really upset with my accountant, and then I sat back and I thought ‘If I’m not interested in my money, or my kids’ money, or my husband’s money, why should he?’ ~Sharon Osborne

This 2011 comment from Sharon Osborne has a very powerful underlying message. It seems Sharon was initially upset when she discovered that her family owed nearly $2million to the taxman. She’s a very busy lady but she’s also very smart. She savvy enough to learn the lessons when a mistake has been made. The underlying message is that no one is going to look after your interests better than you. If you neglect your own interests then don’t be surprised if other people neglect them too. When it comes to money and income you have to be on top of the detail all of the time. Yes you might employ people to help you such as accountants but when it comes to protecting your own interests that cannot be outsourced. Never trust anyone in any situation where they don’t have as much to lose as you do.

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