A life worth living

live your dream in wood typeAny vision you have for your life should not just involve some notion of what you want to achieve. It should also include something you would like to leave behind – your legacy.

Developing a clear idea of what you want your legacy to be will focus your attention on what you need to do to achieve it. This involves more than just establishing priorities. It requires us to consider what truly matters to us. If you know what really matters to you, you know where to focus your energies. If we can connect with our highest values, then this will have a profound effect on our behaviour. It should provide us with the motivation and the drive to pursue our life’s purpose. If our life’s purpose is to be achieved then there is a price to pay, so we need to be driven.

How do we turn vision into reality? Like every journey, it starts with the first step. Think about what needs to be done, but not for too long, and then start doing.

People often think that you have to have everything ‘just right’ before you can begin to achieve your aims. However, if you wait for everything to be perfect, it will never happen. The danger with waiting for everything to be perfect is that you delay and delay and never get any traction on moving things closer to where you want to be.

Your life’s purpose will become clearer when you experience life, and gradually adjust your direction based on your experiences. This process of incremental changes will gradually take you in a direction which is most appropriate for you.  And if you’re heading in that direction, you’re almost certainly reinforcing what works for you.

If you just keep moving in the right direction you will achieve your aims. It may take longer than you’d like, it may not be as dramatic as you thought it would be, but you will get there. The key word is perseverance. Keep going until you achieve what you want to achieve.

Achievement is a confidence builder. The more you achieve, the more you believe you can achieve. With confidence and self-belief you can achieve anything you want to achieve. Achievement changes the experience of being alive. Not only does it make you feel good about yourself, it also leaves behind a legacy that will have made your life a life worth living.

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