5 Ways to Increase Your Value

In this video the late, great  Jim Rohn offers 5 ways to increase your value. If earning more money is your aim, then that doesn’t happen by accident. Work is just doing stuff for other people in exchange for money. And of course you don’t get paid for the hour but what you deliver in that hour.

So Jim’s underlying point in this video is that the amount you earn and the wealth you enjoy will be dictated by how much value you bring to life and those for whom you are working.

That is true, so knowing how to increase your value is essential. Increase your value and you can have success in abundance; prosperity and wealth can be yours; and the law of attraction will work in your favour.

And remember; if your aim is to make the most of your life then listening to people like Jim Rohn is a habit worth forming. Listen to successful people and you can be successful too.

Curation: Roy J Sutton and Mann Island Media Limited. 2017

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